Best Practices

Check out the website below, Permits Foundation, in the Netherlands.  Their mission is to make it easier for dual career couples to obtain work permits in foreign countries.  Provided by Katy van der Wilk at

Dual career survey conducted by Permits Foundation:


University of Minnesota:  The Dual-Career Assistance Program established official liaisons with a wide spectrum of local companies, school systems, health care systems, etc. The liaisons and their contact information are listed on the Dual-Career web page.  Spouses and partners may directly contact the liaisons to learn how to navigate the hiring process within that organization, and to be connected to a person in his/her area of expertise.  By having the liaisons in place, it empowers the spouse/partner and eliminates one step in the networking process.

University of Notre Dame:  The brochures and website at Notre Dame emphasize”customized” and “personalized” job search assistance for clients.  Many clients have voiced their opinions about how valuable this customized assistance is to them, since  clients have different needs related to their career focus, skill sets, and sense of urgency in finding a suitable position.  They are not interested in participating in workshops or group classes.  At their initial consultation, they rate their sense of urgency in finding employment; the scale is 1 to 5, with 5 being the most urgent. 

West Virginia University:  (Initial contract/timeline used with clients):  WVU DC Program Timeline