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Articles on Dual Career Issues

Books and Articles

  • Being Together, Working Apart: Dual Career Families and the Work-Life Balance edited by Barbara Schneider and Linda J. Waite. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2005.
  • Lesbian Academic Couples edited by Michelle Gibson and Deborah T. Meem. Harrington Park Press, New York: 2005.
  • The Two Body Problem: Dual-Career-Couple Hiring Policies in Higher Education by Lisa Wolf-Wendel, Susan B. Twombly, and Suzanne Rice. Johns Hopkins, Baltimore: 2004.
  • “Dual Career Couples: Keeping Them Together” by Lisa Wolf- Wendel, Susan B. Twombly, and Suzanne Rice. The Journal of Higher Education Vol. 71, No. 3 May, 2000 pp. 291-321.
  • Working Equal: Collaboration among Academic Couples by Elizabeth G Creamer. Garland, New York: 2000.
  • “Challenges for Higher Education Couples in Commuter Marriages: Insights for Couples and Counselors Who Work With Them” By Sandy Magnuson. Family Journal Vol 7 Issue 2 1999 p.125.
  • Academic Couples: Problems and Promises edited by M.A. Ferber and J.W. Loeb University of Illinois Press, Urbana: 1997.
  • Getting an Academic Job: Strategies for Success. By Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld and Marcia Lynn Whicker. Thousand Oaks: Sage, 1997. See Chapter 5, “Dual-Careers, Senior and Nonacademic Jobs.”
  • “Weary of Commuter Marriages, More Couples in Academe Make Career Sacrifices to be Together.” By Robin Wilson. The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Sept.1996 A10-11.
  • Work Won’t Love You Back: the Dual Career Couple’s Survival Guide by Stevan E. Hobfoll and Ivonne H. Hobfoll. Freeman, New York: 1994.


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