What is the IHEDCA Listserv?

The IHEDCA listserv is THE place to be!  It will allow you to network, share ideas, thoughts, or questions, and stay connected to your colleagues in the field who are dealing with similar dual career challenges.  The best part of all is the IHEDCA listserv (hosted by The University of Iowa) is considered a “private” listserv, which means all discussions are kept within the membership and not out on the Internet.
How do I join?
Simple!  Email Garry Klein at to be added to the listserv.  You will then receive two email notices: one will be a greeting, the second will be a lengthy email giving you all the directions.  (Note: there will be a request to set a server-level password; you do not need to do that.)  That’s it!  After you’ve been added, simply type in and send your greetings or questions to colleagues.